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Participate fully in all the phases of the PAJA mainstreaming process. t. This will include: Identifying administrative decisions, Mapping decision-making processes, Analysing these processes for alignment to the PAJA, Identifying the gaps,. Suggesting changes to close the gap, Implementing the changed procedures, forms. pajáchu' – pa'iha'lhán pa'jāchu'/paxáču/(adv) widely spaced Q pajáchu'cha' ni:'ika'wat he planted his corn quite far apart (LB) pa'jaha'lhán /paxa?alán/ (vi) [ Cls, 2 paja- spaces between + halhán be big 1) be widely spaced Q lakpajaha' ihante:lhá li:lé: 'h the space between rows gets wider as they go' (PS), 2) stretch out. The latest Tweets from Paja (@paja): "Listening to: Norah Jones - The Sun Doesn't Like You".


paja LA DISPUTE - TIERSEN For further discussion see Dejan Medaković in Pavle Paja Jovanović (Beograd, ) and Miodrag Jovanović, Uroš Predić (Novi Sad, ). student of Professor Müller, Paja Jovanović, is getting close to mastering the techniques of his teacher and in some cases in terms of the specificity of detail he is surpassing him. 'ep 'aki close (hand) on s.t. sap 'aki close (mouth, suitcase, etc.) 'ep 'aki close (the eyes) kem' aki close-fisted 'uru close or near We close to each other haipctjaga close together a paja close together (of things in row) paja close up (book, suitcase, etc.) 'ep 'aki, popou 'aki close up (of oyster, etc.) 'epo close up (v.) sos ' aki. Information on the Plaza de la Paja square in downtown Madrid, close to La Latina.

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